i want to die.

words cannot describe just how much i want to die.
to perish,
to shuffle off this mortal coil.
the image of me
fucking your body with the blade
the same one i use to chop up my food
simply will not go away.
i don't want to hurt you. i don't want to think about it.
i won't hurt you.
but the image simply won't cease
to exist
assaulting my mind
i want to fucking kill myself
what if i hurt you, even by pure accident?
no, i don't want to!
i just want to kiss you.
to press my lips against yours
to share a bloody kiss.
my teeth stained with your blood
as i grin and kiss you some more.
remember my poem?
hahah, oh, i was so fucked up back then
but i promise you
i'm completely fine now.

no, nononononononononononono
shut up, fuck off!

go away.
i'm sorry.